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Created by ICE center, ETH Zurich and ChainSecurity AG, a top provider for smart contract audits.

Based on the latest research, see our technical paper.

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The Ethereum security scanner is based on the latest research from the ICE center, ETH Zurich. For more details, read our research paper.


The research behind the Ethereum security scanner has been presented at 10+ major Ethereum conferences, including DevCon3, EdCON, d10e, Crypto Summit 2018, Crypto Valley Conference 2018, and others.


Read our blog to learn about common security issues in Ethereum smart contracts and how our Ethereum scanner discovers them automatically.

Transactions May Affect Ether Transfer
Transactions May Affect Ether Receiver
Transactions May Affect Ether Amount
Reentrant method call
Reentrancy with constant gas
Reentrant method call
Unrestricted write to storage
Unused write to storage
Unhandled Exception
Division Before Multiplication
Division influences Transfer Amount
Unrestricted Selfdestruct
Missing Input Validation
Use Of Origin
Unrestricted ether flow
Locked Ether
Unsafe Dependance On Block Information
Unsafe Dependance On Block Gas
Delegatecall dependent on user input
Unused write to storage
Unsafe call to untrusted contract